No Way Out

What a journey for Lyra and Will – it’s really dark and they see dead people, including Roger and a certain aeronaut! Plus Mary Malone meets a new friend named Atal and finds her relation to Dust! Then it’s Mrs. C and Father President MacPhail in a Texas death match! And Metatron’s plus Dust and the Lyra bomb? So much is packed into an hour in His Dark Materials S03E05 “No Way Out”, which aired on HBO on December 19, 2022. It was written by Amelia Spencer and directed by Weronika Tofilska.

This is Episode 41 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 42.

Fun news items are here this week! First up Screenrant reviews 10 book mannerisms Dafne Keene nails as Lyra Belacqua! Then we have Digital Spy with another fun interview with Amir Wilson, who shares an explosion that happened on the Season 3 set!

Then we blow things up! In the new world, Mary Malone meets her new friend, Atal, and slowly learns her language. She discovers seedpods and the huge trees they fall from. She also finds amber glass that she fashions into a lens to see Dust! Atal reveals that Dust made Atal and her kind alive and aware, and Mary sees Dust is leaving their world!

Meanwhile, Lyra and Will continue with the Boatman and reach the Land of the Dead. They find Roger, and Lyra is able to remind him how connected they were. They both share the story of their past together as the dead around them listen, which helps make them remember their previous lives. Horrible harpies try to prevent them from helping the dead! Then Lee Scoresby’s ghost joins them and has a tender moment with Lyra. Will offers to cut the dead out of the prison world they are in and Lee tries to round up all who want to follow them!

Then we see Mrs. Coulter remains a prisoner of Father President MacPhail. Dr. Cooper prepares the bomb that will sever Mrs. C from her monkey daemon and power the bomb intended to kill Lyra. Mrs. C is led to the intercision chair, and at the last moment Dr. Cooper shuts down the device, refusing to continue. MacPhail kills the doctor, and Mrs. C escapes with the help of Roke, who is also murdered by the Father President. MacPhail straps himself and his daemon into the bomb, which Mrs. Coulter disables!

In the Kingdom, Alarbus appears to Metatron and warns him about Asriel and the Subtle Knife. Metatron then sends a beam of energy into the Magisterium, killing MacPhail and igniting the bomb, and sending it towards its target: Lyra Belacqua!

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