The Intention Craft

What starts as a slow burn with chess pieces moving into place becomes an episode rich with emotion upon a second showing! See Asriel shed a tear, Iorek reforge a knife (with Will’s help!), and Mrs. Coulter fly in His Dark Materials S03E03 “The Intention Craft”, which aired on HBO on December 12, 2022. It was written by Jack Thorne and directed by Charles Martin.

This is Episode 37 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 38.

Two fun news items are available for your amusement this week! First up Digital Spy reveals  why His Dark Materials was canceled – and the ways we could get a Season 4 or a spinoff! Then we learn we should all journey over to our Oxford courtesy of the BBC who visit the new His Dark Materials exhibition that just opened in Oxford!

Then it’s time to get to the Intention Craft! In Asriel’s Republic, he greets Mrs. Coulter, who was conveniently shipped in…a shipping container! He questions her and then decides to introduce her to 3 members of his council: Commanders Ogunwe and Roke, and Ruta Skadi. They interrogate her about her intentions (ha!) and recommend Asriel allow her to stay and assist them. Mrs. Coulter then finds plans for Asriel’s Intention Craft and studies them. Asriel then has a confrontation with Mrs. Coulter about Lyra and her importance, and he tearfully asks why Mrs. C can’t be who he wants her to be! Later, he introduces Mrs. C to the now silent Archangel Alarbus. Asriel promptly turns all the dials on his “Dust-buster” to 11, destroying Alarbus in a torrent of energy and telling him before he dies to let Metatron know “I am here!” Moments afterward, Asriel realizes Mrs. Coulter has slipped away – and she steals the Intention Craft!

In Lyra’s world, we watch an apparently not very injured Father Gomez meet with Father President MacPhail. Gomez blames dark forces for his inability to kill Lyra and her mother. MacPhail later despairs at the apparent absence of the Authority and decides his mission to destroy sin and Dust will not be deterred. He brings in the evil Dr. Cooper, late of Bolvangar, and makes it clear she will help him build a weapon with what she learned by severing children, or else!

Lastly we follow Will and Lyra in the desolate world from last week. They debate what path to take, with Will initially insisting on bringing the Subtle Knife to Asriel. Lyra refuses and says she is going to Roger in the World of the Dead. Lyra suggests that Iorek Byrnisson can repair the broken knife and they journey to him in Lyra’s world. He and Will combine their strength and the knife is reforged. Will then decides he will go with Lyra to the Land of the Dead, and they say goodbye to the bear king. Then Will cuts through, and they enter the Land of the Dead!

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