The Fight to the Death

The battle was a long time coming, and now it’s here: the panserbjørnebowl! Beloved Iorek versus evil Iofur in “The Fight to the Death”! Plus Mrs. Coulter down, but not out. Lyra helping Iorek and heading North with Roger to see Asriel! And Will and Elaine facing off with Lord Boreal and his henchmen! All in His Dark Materials S01E06 which aired on HBO on December 16, 2019. It was written by Jack Thorne and directed by Jamie Childs.

This is Episode 10 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 11.

We have one tasty news item for you this week. It’s from Streaming Media, and they are  walking with daemons as the BBC imagines an interactive His Dark Materials!

Then it’s episode discussion time! We open back at the destroyed Bolvangar, as Mrs. Coulter surveys the wreck of the intercision machine. She finds Sister Clara, who is unable to tell her where Lyra is. Enraged, she almost strangles the poor daemonless nurse! Later, Father MacPhail arrives and tells her Lord Asriel must die!

Also in the north, Lee Scoresby and Hester look over their crashed balloon. Serafina Pekkala arrives and reveals that their work protecting Lyra remains unfinished. She hands him his 6-shooter!

In Will’s world, Lord Boreal tries to get Elaine to give him John Parry’s letters to her, which she refuses to do. She finds Will and tells him what happened. They head home to discover their house ransacked, so Will takes her to Mr. Hanway for safekeeping. Will returns home to find Thomas and the Pale Faced Man, and with the help of his cat, he inadvertently kills Thomas!

Back in the north, Lyra lands in the snow after her fall from Lee Scoresby’s balloon. She is found by one of the panserbjørne and is taken to the bears’ Svalbard dungeon. She meets a mad professor who gives her an idea on how to protect Iorek Byrnison – pretend to be Iorek’s daemon! Lyra is taken to King Iofur Raknison, and she offers to leave Iorek and become Iofur’s daemon.  With information from the alethiometer, Lyra tricks Iofur into believing she is the real deal! He allows Iorek to approach and to fight him in single combat. Iorek kills Iofur and becomes King of the panserbjørne! Lyra tends to Iorek’s wounds and asks him to free her father. He offers to take her and Roger to Lord Asriel. They arrive and meet Thorold, who brings them inside a large house. Asriel enters and only sees Lyra, causing him to react in terror until he realizes she isn’t alone – Roger is there!

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