The Abyss

Who knew we could feel sorry for Mrs. Coulter? Or a harpy? We felt for both of them, and of course the waterworks came on with Lyra and Lee, Lyra and Roger, and Will and John Parry! Plus we pour one out for Ruta and Sergi after watching His Dark Materials S03E06 “The Abyss”, which aired on HBO on December 19, 2022. It was written by Francesca Gardiner and directed by Amit Gupta.

This is Episode 43 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 44.

This week our news comes from one site: Cheatsheet! The first piece reveals that star Dafne Keen read the book series twice to prepare for her role as Lyra. Then James McAvoy shares his favorite quote from the ‘His Dark Materials’ book series!

Next it’s our breakdown (in tears)! We begin with Metatron telling us he’s taking Dust back from humanity! He not only detonated the Lyra bomb, he has created an Abyss across the multiverse to remove all Dust! Then Mrs. Coulter confronts Fra Pavel, who reveals Lyra is lost in darkness. She flies to Asriel’s camp, bringing him the news of Lyra’s seeming demise. Ruta Skadi perishes as her daemon Sergi is destroyed flying over the Abyss. Asriel seeks the aid of Iorek Byrnisson in his war against the Authority, and he learns that Lyra is in the land of the dead. But she went in alive! He goes back to his camp and tells Marisa their daughter lives, and that she is destroying death as the witches prophesied! Mrs. Coulter reconciles with her poor daemon! Serafina Pekkala joins Asriel and Mrs. C and exhorts them to serve Lyra and not to fail her!

In Atal’s earth, Mary Malone sees that Dust is pouring out of the world since the creation of the Abyss. Atal tells her if they can’t stop it, her race will perish. Mary says she needs more time to help!

Meanwhile in Deadland, Lyra, Roger, Will and Lee were not destroyed by the bomb. They lead the dead on a journey to free them from their purgatory. Lee finds John Parry, who reunites with Will in a tender moment. Lyra is saved from death by the lead harpy, and she gives her a name, Gracious Wings. The harpy agrees that she and her sister harpies will lead all the dead out of their realm, as long as they share their true life stories. Will and Lyra reach the end of their path, and Will cuts a window into another world. Roger and Lyra and then Lee and Lyra have their goodbyes, and the ghosts step into a beautiful world where they dissipate into the universe!

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