Lyra and Her Death

Get out those handkerchiefs – Lyra and Pan are going to make you cry! Plus Mrs. Coulter goes to the Magisterium, and Lyra meets her own Death! It’s all there and more in His Dark Materials S03E04 “Lyra and Her Death”, which aired on HBO on December 12, 2022. It was written by Jack Thorne and directed by Charles Martin.

This is Episode 39 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 40.

We have a couple of terrific news items this week! We start with Newsweek venturing another opinion on how ‘His Dark Materials’ Season 4 could happen! Then it’s on to Digital Spy who found out that Amir Wilson accidentally broke the key prop he took from the set!

Now on with the show! This week Mrs. Coulter flies the stolen Intention Craft to her world and delivers it to Father President MacPhail. She tries to convince MacPhail she is on his side, and with Commander Roke’s help, she finds the Magisterium is developing a bomb using her daemon severing technology. She then discovers they intend to kill Lyra with the bomb using a lock of her hair to target her. Mrs. Coulter tries to stop them by burning the hair, but they have more and she is imprisoned. She and the golden monkey daemon are to be severed to fuel the bomb to kill her own daughter!

Meanwhile, Mary Malone continues her journey in another world. She falls asleep under a tree, and is awoken by a strange creature with a long trunk. She follows the beast in pursuit!

Finally, the journey of  Lyra, Pan and Will on the way to the Land of the Dead continues. They navigate a maze of bureaus to reach one where Lyra learns that to reach the Land of the Dead, she must invite her own Death to show her the way. She does this, and Lyra’s Death leads the trio to a boat on a lake helmed by the Boatman. He tells them Pan cannot journey there, yet Lyra decides she must continue her quest. She leaves Pan behind and they are wrenched apart!

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