The Scholar

Every week we think we have seen the best episode of His Dark Materials, and then we get one we love more! This week continues the trend! We have world shifts, slices in the fabric of universes, and good old-fashioned fighting! Plus wolverine Pan versus the Golden Monkey! It’s all in S02E05 “The Scholar” which aired on HBO on December 14, 2020. It was written by Francesca Gardiner and directed by Leanne Welham.

This is Episode 25 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 26. 

Three tasty new items await us, beginning with The Sun revealing producer Jack Thorne is shooting down the fan theory about Golden Monkey’s real name! Next up Comic Book Resources asks do LGBTQ characters have same-gender dæmons. Finally New Music Express reveals how composer Lorne Balfe created the show’s stunning score!

Then we are right back in the action from last week with Mrs. Coulter and Lord Boreal tooling around Will’s Oxford! Mrs. Coulter pays Mary Malone a visit and quickly scampers after Mary starts asking questions. Marisa teases and taunts Lord Boreal in his swinging bachelor pad! Mary gets a “call” from the Cave, which tells her that she must be… the serpent! And she must make a journey and save the girl and the boy and girl! She later begins that journey and enters Citagàzze!

Meanwhile, Lyra and Will plan the cut-through to Lord Boreal’s basement, and then they spring into action. Lyra tries a diversion while Will cuts through to grab the Alethiometer…but the golden monkey gets it first! Boreal brings Lyra inside, and she is surprised to find her mother there. After they talk, an enraged Lyra has wolverine Pan attack the monkey and hurt Mrs. Coulter in the process! A struggle ensues between Will and Boreal, and Will takes the Alethiometer, and he and Lyra flee to Cittzgàzze! Lyra pledges to help Will find his father. Back at Lord Boreal’s place, he relates the story of the spectres and Mrs. Coulter asserts that she can master them!

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