Tower of the Angels

We were loving this season before this week, but now “His Dark Materials” has kicked into overdrive! Lee finds Grumman! Will gets a swell new knife, but careful of those fingers! Lyra and Pan are super supportive, Mrs. Coulter and Lord Boreal get icky together! Witches are burning zeppelins! And Mary has talked to…angels! Whoa! It’s all in S02E04 “Tower of the Angels” which aired on HBO on December 7, 2020. It was written by Namsi Khan and Jack Thorne and directed by Leanne Welham.

This is Episode 23 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 24. 

We have show news as always! First up is Elle revealing that Dafne Keen is a new kind of superhero! Then we open with Serafina Pekkala recounting the history of the Subtle Knife. Then we go to Cittagàzze, where Will and Lyra attempt to enter the Tower of the Angels. Eventually, they make their way in and find Giacomo Paradisi, who claims to be the “Bearer”. A young man has followed Will and Lyra and attacks them! He cuts two fingers off of Will’s hand before Will gets the knife and chases him off. Paradiso reveals that Will has been chosen by the knife to be its new bearer, and he instructs Will on how to use it to cut between worlds. He then bids Will and Lyra leave him to die alone, which he does after taking poison. Later, Will and Lyra talk, and WIll decides they will go and steal the Alethiometer beach from Lord Boreal.

Mary Malone is approached by Charles Latrom, aka Lord Boreal, who offers to continue her research funding. She rebuffs him and he withdraws. Later, Mary tries communicating with the Shadow Particles via the Cave computer, and it works! They reveal they are angels and have been guiding humans since the beginning…for revenge!

Lee Scoresby finally finds Stanislaus Grumman, aka John Parry aka Jopari. Parry reveals he summoned Lee with a ring Lee’s mother wore when he was a child. Parry swears to protect Lyra, and Lee agrees to take him to the bearer of the Subtle Knife!

Lord Boreal meets Mrs. Coulter for dinner. He explains he has Lyra trapped in another world, and offers to take Mrs. Coulter to her. He will release Lyra to her mother once he has an object she and a boyt have been tasked with retrieving. Boreal then takes Mrs. Coulter to the portal he uses, and they enter Cittagàzze! They quickly move through it to avoid the spectres, and Mrs.Coulter sees one!

The witches survey all the devastation caused by the Magisterium, and Serafina Pekkala vows revenge with Ruta Skadi! They attack and destroy Magisterium zeppelins guarding Asriel’s rift, and then they enter the rift!

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