The Lost Boy

After all the talk of the North, we finally get a glimpse of it, and in terrifying and heartbreaking fashion. Plus we learn about a boy who is as central to our story as Lyra! And we encounter our first witch, the enchanting Serafina Pekkala!  All that plus Iorek running free with Lyra are in S01E05 “The Lost Boy”, which aired on HBO on December 2, 2019. It was written by Jack Thorne and directed by Otto Bathurst.

This is Episode 6 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our feedback and Bridge to the Stars spoilers segments, stay tuned for Episode 7.

This week we have two news items for you. First up Radio Times goes behind the scenes to show us how the show brings the armoured bears to life! Then we head over to Vox to meet executive producer Jack Thorne, aka the man adapting your favorite childhood book!

To begin this week, Kaisa speaks of a boy whose fate is bound with Lyra’s. We meet him and his mother in our Oxford. They are Will and Elaine Parry, the son and wife of John Parry, aka Stanislaus Grumman. Lord Boreal and the Pale-Faced Man surveil them, and later Boreal speaks with Elaine. We see that she is a troubled person. Will tries to calm his mother after the encounter, and we find that she has kept letters from her missing and presumed dead husband. Lord Boreal later meets with Thomas, who has discovered that years ago John Parry set up a bank account with a small monthly stipend for his family!

Meanwhile we head north with the Gyptians as they seek their stolen children. Lyra reads the alethiometer and it tells her she needs to make a side trip to find what she interprets as a ghost. Farder Coram counsels against this, while Ma Costa and Lord Faa agree, as long as Iorek Byrnison goes and keeps her safe. Later, the witch Serafina Pekkala visits Farder Coram and they share a tender moment after years apart. She agrees to help the Gyptians in their quest. Lyra and Iorek visit the town the alethiometer sent them to, and she discovers Tony Costa, who no longer has his daemon! They rush him back to the Gyptians’ camp, where he later dies in his mother’s arms. After his funeral, raiders attack the camp in the middle of the night, killing several men and abducting Lyra! She is taken to a facility where she is dumped like a sack of potatoes. An evil doctor looks her over and sees that Pan hasn’t yet settled in his final form. The doctor thenrecommends an unknown immediate procedure on Lyra and Pan, and Lyra realizes that she and Pan are in Bolvangar!

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